W2093 D3 PVA Wood Glue


W2093 is a one part D3 Pva adhesive. This adhesive has been specially formulated for bonding wood.

It has a fast set and high bond strength. It will bond virtually all woods, wood veneers and high pressure decorative laminates.

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  • W2093 is suitable for bonding virtually all woods, wood veneers and decorative laminates.
  • It has a very strong cured bond making it is suitable for use for general joinery and wood assembly applications
  • This adhesive is suitable for use with RF (Radio frequency press)
  • D3 rated water resistance. For a water resistant version check out here 
  • Suitable for interior applications with frequent short term exposure to water or humidity.
  • W2093 is a fast drying adhesive
  • Drys clear
  • Is over paintable
  • Easy to apply with a brush, roller or serrated glue spreader. (Check out our PVA glue roller)
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth while glue is wet
  • Non toxic safe to use

Additional information

Container Size

1kg (12 per box)
5kg (4 per box)
25kg (1 per box)

Typical Applications

  • Stair construction
  • Sofa Frame manufacture
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Veneering in a hot or cold press
  • Bonding  high pressure/ PVC laminates to wood or sheet material
  • suitable for use with RF (Radio frequency press)
  • internal door construction
  • DIY Applications, furniture repairs etc

Additional information

Storage conditions:

  • Stored in a cool dry area  between +5°c to 30°c
  • Do not store on concrete floor

Shelf life

  • Shelf life of 12 months when stored in the original, unopened container.


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