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Need more Adhesive Support? We offer a range of Services to support you finding your perfect adhesive.


Services to Support you finding your Perfect Adhesive

If you have a complex adhesive requirement, our team can take a product sample. They will run trials to find the most suitable adhesive for your needs. These trials can test the adhesive requirements, based on your businesses individual needs.

If your business uses a large volume of adhesives, our team can offer on site training with the adhesive. We will train your team in regards to the glue and the use of any glue machines. This will ensure you can minimise down time and get the most from your adhesive.

Our services are offered by experienced trained professionals. Our team also offer service support for Glue Machines. To learn more, visit Hot Melt Equipment.

Technical Trials & Support

Only the best technical advice & support with Action Adhesives.

Action Adhesives are committed to providing our customers with the very best technical support within the industry.

Our team are fully trained in sales support, technical service support and offer the very best assistance in monitoring their adhesive applications. Our trained personnel would be happy to conduct an audit of your adhesive processes and make recommendations to increase efficiency.

Take action today with Action Adhesives!

Safety Training

Get the best technical advice & safety adhesive training with Action Adhesives

As users of adhesives, our customers must be aware of the hazards & dangers associated with certain types of adhesives. To this end, we regularly advise customers on the safe use of our products and we regularly replace certain types of adhesives with safer alternatives.

Safety training is key part of our service at Action Adhesives as we are committed to ensuring all customers of are satisfied in understanding the correct usage of adhesives.
We will visit your plant to get a better understanding of the customer’s process and provide the necessary safety training. We can then advise some process or product changes which will produce savings for the customer and also lead to a safer and healthier working environment.