Action Pro Foam Gun


This Action Pro Foam Gun has a large, sturdy metal body with a comfortable soft-grip handle, making it suitable for long working periods.

The Foam Gun has a brass barrel, needle and nozzle with teflon coating. The aluminium body is coated with teflon, which is non-stick. It has a flow adjusting knob for greater control and a can holder adapter.



The Action Pro Foam Gun is ideal for the following applications:


  •  Gaps in brick, concrete, stone and plaster.
  •  Gaps and holes around pipe work and duct work.
  •  Spaces around window frames and door frames.
  •  Deep joints before applying plaster or sealant.


  • Internally for exterior walls.
  • Soffits and barge boards.

Application of Use

  1. Before use, shake up the foam tank top and bottom to 1 minute
  2.  Screw the tank to the adaptor, remember not too tight
  3.  Press the trigger, let the foam flow for 10 seconds to eliminate the air in the barrel
  4. If you want to control the output of foam, you can adjust the adjusting screw, the tighter the adjusting screw, the less the output.
  5.  After use, you should clean up the foam gun with cleaning agent.

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