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July 30 2019 Learn about the range of adhesives available for Joinery & what you need to consider when buying Woodworking adhesives

At Action adhesives, we have the pleasure of working with a wide range of people, across a range of industries on a daily basis. We have specialists who focus on particular industries. One of these industries that we supply woodworking adhesives to is the woodworking sector.

Our experts understand the issues you face on daily basis from both experience and from talking to you, our valued customers. There is an ever growing challenge, of working with an increasing range of materials. As a result, we know the challenge of knowing which adhesive is most suitable for your needs. This is where we come in. We have over 20 years experience supplying the widest range of adhesives in Ireland. If you need a product, we will work with you to source the most suitable adhesive for your application, at the best price.

When choosing the perfect adhesive, there are a number of factors to consider.

  1. The Substrate being Bonded

Be it bonding a HPL to mdf or Bonding in a glazing panel into a door the materials that you are bonding are the first key factor which will determine the adhesive to use.

  1. The elements exposed to the finished product

Even though an adhesive might bond two substrates together but is it suitable for the environment in which it will placed for the most of its life. We stock a range of products which have excellent water and temperature resistance. As wood is a natural product and can move quite a bit due to moisture content and temperature flexibility may also be necessary.

  1. Cure Speed

As we know time is money and we all like to squeeze as much work into the working day as possible so in most cases people want a fast curing adhesive to help speed up production but in some cases a slower cure adhesive could be more suitable.

  1. The equipment needed

Depending on the adhesive certain equipment maybe necessary to give the best results, such as spray equipment, a panel press etc. We will work with you and you equipment to help find the solution that best suits you.

  1. Health and safety

For all joiners, shopfitters and carpenters health and safety within the workshop is paramount and here at Action Adhesives we care about your safety. We can provide you products which are non-flammable, Reduced VOCs, Fire rated, VOC free and non-chlorinated. 

We stock a range of adhesives products specifically for Woodworking and Joinery. Some of our main product types and common applications include:

Hot Melt Adhesives

PVA Glue

Polyurethane Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


Solvent based Adhesive

Traditionally in woodworking, urea formaldehyde more recently known in the market as “Cascomite”, was used for every wood bonding application. However more recently, with the development of water-based adhesives and the reclassification of formaldehyde as a carcinogenic, has seen the industry increasingly steering to water-based adhesive such as PVA. The ever changing range of materials is also in turn increasing the range of adhesives available on the market. This is making decisions for joiners more difficult. That’s where our team of adhesive experts are here to help you out of any ‘sticky situation’.

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Click Here for our Joinery Brochure


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