What are VST tapes?

July 17 2019 VST Tapes can be found in a wide range of industries and applications.

VST Tapes are exceptionally strong double-sided bonding tapes. They provide an excellent alternative to mechanical fasteners, screws, rivets and welds. VST tapes work through the bonding tape permanently attaching one substrate to another. They distribute the stress load across the joint. After the materials are joined, the tape creates an exceptionally strong weld that is often stronger than mechanical fasteners.

Meaning of VST

Rather than something exciting, VST simply means “Very Strong Tape”.

VST Tapes in Industry

Probably the most versatile adhesive our VST range have endless uses in a wide variety of industries. They can be found in use in industries not limited to:

Why Choose a VST Tape?

Here are 12 Reasons:

  1. VST tapes are great for spreading stress across the length of the joints
  2. They are quick and easy to apply, while also been exceptionally clean
  3. They are perfect for reducing noise and vibration
  4. VST tapes prevent corrosion by separating different types of materials
  5. When using a VST tape, you can use thinner, lighter weight materials
  6. Clean Appearance – They display no unsightly rivets or spot welds
  7. Vibrant Resistance – The acrylic foam in the tapes distributes the stress over the whole area
  8. Strength – They displace traditional fasteners such as liquid adhesives, rivets, spot welds and various other fasteners
  9. Can Cut Easily – VST tapes can easily be cut precisely and are excellent in aiding assembly
  10. Exceptionally efficient at absorbing shock
  11. VST tapes have a high temperature resistance (-40 to +160 degree C)
  12. Resists moisture, UV light and temperature cycles

VST Tapes in the Automotive Industry

VST tapes are used widely in the automotive sector. They can be found in cars, buses, trucks and trains. They can even be found in use the Aerospace and marine sectors on planes or boats. The uses are broad and include:

VST Tapes in the Construction Industry

VST tapes can be found used in many construction applications. This includes both interior and exterior applications. VST tapes are used widely for bonding cladding panels and glass facades to aluminum frames. They are also used as an adhesive in the creation of shop fronts.

VST tapes are perfect for windows such as sky lights, BIPV photovoltaic windows and in bomb proof windows.

Once inside, VST tapes are used in the creation of partitions, in the creation of ceiling climate control systems and in many doors. They can also be found in many elevators keeping the interior, ceiling and doors firmly in place.

Signage and Display

VST tapes are very popular in the signage and display industry. They can be found in a wide variety of use applications including:

Electrical Tapes

VST have a wide range of uses within the electrical industry. With their strong adhesive qualities and easy of application they are ideal for use in this industry. VST tapes are specifically used for:

General Industry Applications

VST tapes can also be used in a variety of other applications including:


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