WT03 – Medium Strength Threadlocker

WT03 is an oil tolerant medium strength threadlocker. It cures anaerobically to lock all types of metal threaded…

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WT05 – Hi Strength Threadlocker

Action WT05 is a high strength anaerobic threadlocker. It is designed to permanently lock metal threaded components. This…

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WS26 – Hydraulic Seal Threadlocker

Action WS26 is a medium strength thixotropic threadlocker. It cures anaerobically to lock and seals all types of…

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WS27 – Pipe Seal Threadlocker

Action WS27 is a slow curing pipe‐sealant. It provides a non‐shrink, instant low-pressure seal on tightened fittings up…

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Action WR11 – Retainer Threadlocker

Action WR11 is a high strength low viscosity retaining compound. It is designed to bond close fitting metal…

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Fantastic Anaerobic Threadlockers with a difference from Action Adhesives

Action Adhesives Anaerobic Threadlockers are specifically designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners, that require normal disassembly with standard hand tools. Action Adhesives threadlockers cures when they are confined in the absence of air in close fitting metal surfaces. It is perfect for applications such as metal to metal assemblies, but can also be used with other types of materials.

What applications are Anaerobic Threadlockers commonly used for?

  • Metal Surfaces
  • Steel
  • Copper Bronze
  • Manganese Iron
  • Pipe Sealing
  • Gasketing
  • Pumps
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Motors
  • Machinery
  • Blind hole threads

6 different reasons to choose Anaerobic Threadlockers from Action Adhesives:

  1. Excellent for the prevention of leaks
  2. Excellent for the prevention of unwanted movement or loosening
  3. Excellent resistance of vibration
  4. Stops corrosion occurring between the threads
  5. Excellent for sealing threads and allowing through hole tapping
  6. One Component Only – Very clean and easy to use

Action Adhesives Technical Team tips on a applying Anaerobic Threadlocker:

Its important that the total length of thread is wetted, as this eliminates air becoming trapped. Sufficient wetting of the thread is very much reliant on the gauge of the thread and the viscosity of the threadlocker.

Action Adhesives Anaerobic Threadlockers range includes the following:

  • Products to allow dismantling of components products to ensure components are permanently locked.
  • Pipe Seal, Retainers, Bearing Fit and Instant Gasket Products

If you are interested in anaerobic adhesives or any other type of industrial adhesive, sealant or tape, a member of our technical team will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.