Contactless Thermometer


Our Sterile Solutions Contactless Thermometers are ideal for business.

The recent Covid requirements request temperature checking. This hand held device is the perfect solution. It’ll read temperatures in less than 1 second, providing you with a clear and accurate reading.

Find peace of mind with these FDA approved and ISO certified thermometers. It has a clear LCD digital screen and a tricolour backlit screen for easy and accurate reading.

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  • Infared Contactless Thermometer
  • Fast 1 second readout
  • Proven precise and accurate readings
  • 500000 Measurements
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid cross infection
  • No laser spot eliminating eye’s damage to children
  • Convenient backlit screen with tricolor-coded fever guidance
  • Auto recall measurement, support to review measurement results
  • Power source is x2 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Measures Body/Object/Liquid temperature
  • Readings
    • GREEN: 34.0°C-37.3°C; /
    • ORANGE: 37.4°C-38.0°C; /
    • RED: 38.1°C-42.9°C with beeper warning


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