Structural Adhesives


Tough, Durable Bonds With Ireland’s Best Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives are two part resins, that when mixed or activated cure to form an impact resistant plastic film which adheres to the surfaces of the substrates. The curing process of structural adhesives can be Chemical, UV or Electron – Beam radiation. They are exceptionally versatile, and are designed to provide tough, durable bonds to a wide variety of surfaces.

What type of applications are they commonly are used in?

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Aluminium Closures
  • Magnet Bonding
  • Multiple Bonding
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Laminated Panels
  • Wood to Metal Bonding
  • Plastic & Composite Bonding

9 Reasons to Choose Action Adhesives as your Structural Adhesives Supplier:

  1. Major reduction of costly mechanical fastening methods
  2. Improved and quicker processing methods speeds
  3. Labour and maintenance costs are reduced
  4. Gaps of a large size between parts are filled
  5. Welding – Soldering and Taping are reduced
  6. Clean finish, with no marks or distortion
  7. Even distribution of stress over the entire surface bonded
  8. Extremely resistant to cyclic fatigue
  9. Exceptional shear strength and high peel properties

Action Adhesives Structural Glues offer a unique combination of chemistry, tackling the most difficult challenges facing adhesives such as:

  • Cure Speed Control
  • Surface Adhesion
  • Toughness

Action Adhesives supply a wide range of structural adhesives, along with applications guns and nozzles, and offer the best advice on adhesive technologies in Ireland.