S1657 – Synthetic Rubber Adhesive


S1657 is a synthetic rubber adhesive. It is ideal for bonding EPDM, natural rubber and butyl. This adhesive can be used to bond rubber to metal, concrete or wood. It is a glue that has a high temperature resistance and comes in a viscous form for easy application. To learn more or for order inquiries, complete our contact form.

Base Synthetic Rubber Base
Colour Light amber / Black
Viscosity High viscosity
Service Temperature -20C to +75C
Additional Characteristics
  • Brush-able Adhesive
  • Excellent Temperature Resistance
Additional Informaiton
  • This adhesive is perfect for bonding EPDM, Natural Rubber and Butyl.
  • It can be used to bond rubber to wood, metal and concrete.
Available Container Sizes
  • 1kg
  • 5kg