Solvent Based Adhesives


Solvent Based Adhesives from Ireland’s Leading Industrial Adhesive Supplier

At Action Adhesive, we offer a wide range of solvent based adhesive to cater for every business need. Our solvent glues are segmented into four categories, to make it easier for you to find your perfect adhesive.

Our solvent based adhesives work great in manufacturing, construction and in the automotive industries, where their fast bonding and resistance to oil and grease ensure they are the adhesive of choice. Solvent based adhesives are fast drying and have multiple application methods,  allowing you to apply them in the most suitable manner for your adhesive situation.

To make your choice a little easier, we have segmented our solvent based adhesives into 3 categories:

At Action Adhesives we offer four types of Solvent based Adhesives:

  1. Brushable
  2. Sprayable
  3. Solvent Cements
  4. Canister & Aerosol

Unsure which type of solvent based adhesive is best for your application? Contact us HERE and a product expert will be in contact to guide you through your selection.

Brushable Solvent Based Adhesive

Brushable Solvent Based Adhesives

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Sprayable – Contact Based Adhesives

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Solvent Cements

Solvent Cements – Solvent Based Adhesives

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Aerosol & Solvent Adhesives

Aerosol & Canister Solvent Adhesives

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