Solfre 2261 – Polyurethane Wood Adhesive

Solfre 2261 is a polyurethane wood adhesive. This adhesive is suitable for use with most common building materials. It typically used for gluing hard and soft wood, or a range of construction materials including steel, foam and concrete. It is fast setting with only a 30-minute wait from opening.



  • Solfre 2261 is perfect for sealing cracks.
  • It has excellent water and chemical resistance
  • This polyurethane wood glue is the perfect glue for bonding any hard or soft wood. These woods include:
    • Oak
    • Teak
    • Mahogany
    • Larch
    • Alder
    • Spruce
  • This polyurethane wood adhesive will bond to most common construction materials including wood, ceramic, foam and plasterboard.
  • It is suitable for gluing and repairing of furniture, staircases, polystyrene, EPS and XPS.
  • Solfre 2261 is used for manufacturing SIP panels
  • It is available in a 1.1kg bottle or 28kg Drum

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