Premium Grade Glued Lap/Manufacturers Joint

This is a high tack hot melt with good adhesion to difficult substrates such as high density corrugate board. It is a water white hot melt with very low odour. It has quick setting properties that make it well suited for glued lap manufacturers and in end of line packaging operations where long open time is not a necessity (e.g. cartons as opposed to large boxes). To learn more or for order inquiries, complete our contact form.

Base mPO
Colour White
Viscosity 1800 cps.@150°C
Working Temp 140°C -180°C
Approvals FDA 175.105 Indirect Food Contact Approved
Additional Information:
  • This hot melt has a high tack with good adhesion to difficult substrates.
  • This adhesive has excellent thermal stability.
  • It has a wide window of heat resistance at cold and high temperatures when bonded.
  • When compared to standard grades of hot melt, this hot melt has consumption advantages of at least 20% due to lower density and increased bond quality.
  • It is FDA 175.105 indirect food contact approved
  • 20kg bag