Tradefast – D4 Polyurethane Gel Adhesive


Tradefast Polyurethane glue is a one component D4 Gel adhesive. This adhesive offers exceptional levels of adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It is suitable for bonding all wood types and most common construction materials. It is fully water resistant and expands to provide gap filling properties. For spec sheets or to talk to an expert, send us a message.


Base Polyurethane
Colour Beige
Viscosity Low
Service Temperature -30C to +80C
Open Time 5min
Additional Characteristics
  • Non-Slumping Gel
  • Excellent for filling gaps
  • Excellent water & Chemical Resistance
Additional Information
  • Tradefast can be used in the construction industry to bondĀ  a wide range of materials. These materials include:
    • wood
    • stone
    • aluminium
    • steel
    • ceramic
    • foam
    • glass
    • concrete
    • blockwork
    • plasterboard
    • and many more
  • It can be used for bonding hard and soft woods, plywood, MDF, chipboard and more.
  • This adhesive is suitable for gluing and repairing furniture, garden furniture and staircases.
  • It can be used for gluing polystyrene, EPS, XPS andĀ for manufacturing SIP panels.


Available Container Sizes
  • 310ml Cartridge