Standard Grade Glued Lap / Manufacturers Joint


This is a hot melt with longer open time which makes it suited for more demanding Glued Lap applications (also referred to as Manufacturers Joint). It has good thermal stability with a wide range in hot and cold temperature resistance. To learn more or for order inquiries, contact us here.



Base EVA
Colour Pale Yellow
Viscosity 2500 cps.@150°C
Working Temp 140°C -180°C
Approvals FDA 175.105 Indirect Food Contact Approved

Additional Information:

  • This adhesive works well on corrugate.
  • It has good thermal stability.
  • This hot melt has a wide window of heat and freezer bond resistance.
  • Due to its flexibility it has good bonding performance in fridges or cold stores.
  • It FDA 175.105 indirect food contact approved


  • 20kg bag


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