Standard Grade Case Erection/Tray Forming Hot Melt


Our universal grade hot melt used in the packaging industry. It is a multi-purpose glue that is used for closing boxes, tray erection, folding cartons. This adhesive can be used to adhere straws to UHT bricks. It has good adhesion in freezers and on coated on lacquered boards. To learn more or for order inquiries, contact us here.



Base EVA
Colour Pale Yellow
Viscosity 1700 cps.@150°C
Working Temp 150°C -180°C
Approvals FDA 175.105 indirect food contact approved

Additional Information:

  • This is a multi-Purpose end of line sealant.
  • It can be used on straw attachment to UHT bricks.
  • This hot melt has good adhesion to coated and lacquered boards.
  • It will retain adhesion in fridge or cold store applications.
  • It is FDA 175.105 indirect food contact approved.


  • 20kg bag


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