Protak 351- Edgebanding Adhesive


Protak 351 is a lightly filled EVA Edgebanding Adhesive. It has a medium to high viscosity. This gives high levels of adhesion to most commonly used boards and edgings including PVC, HPL and solid wood lippings. For spec sheets or to talk to an expert, contact us here.


Base EVA
Colour Natural/ Cream
Viscosity Medium
Optimum Feed Speed 15-40m/min

Additional Information:

  • This glue is a universal Edgebanding Adhesive.
  • It can be used with most brands of edgebanding machines.
  • This adhesive is suitable for bonding solid wood lippings and all common edging materials such as ABS, veneer, PP and melamine edgings.
  • It has a high bond strength and good heat resistance.


  • 20kg bag


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