Premium Grade Case/Carton Seal Hot Melt


This is a water white and odour free hot melt for use as a carton seal. It was developed with the special needs of the food and confectionery industries in mind. It exhibits a good balance of cold and heat resistance when bonded. To learn more or for order inquiries, contact us here.



Base mPO
Colour White
Viscosity 1800 cps.@150°C
Working Temp 140°C -180°C
Approvals FDA 175.105 Indirect Food Contact Approved

Additional Information:

  • This hot melt is water white with high degree of thermal stability.
  • It is an Odour free hot melt. This product will not impart any objectionable odours or taste into packaged food.
  • This hot melt has a lower density and increased bond quality compared to standard grades of hot melt. This has seen end use consumption advantages of at least 20% have been realized when compared to standard grade of hot melt.
  • It is FDA 175.105 indirect food contact approved


  20kg bag


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