H3715- Precast Concrete Mould Adhesive

H3715 mould adhesives is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials.  It is used in the precast industry include to bond polystyrene. It has a very high hot and cold tack. For spec sheets or to talk to an expert, contact us here.


Base Hot Melt
Colour Beige
Viscosity Low- Medium
Working Temp 150°C -180°C

Bonding Materials


  • This adhesive is suitable for bonding polystyrene to a variety of substrates.
  • It has a very high hot and cold tack.
  • It can be bread or spray applied.
  • This enables customers to make polystyrene shapes which are usually unable to by traditional methods.
  • It can be bead or spray applied.


  ·       Pillows in 16kg box


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