Hot Melt

Protak 351- Edgebanding Adhesive

Protak 351 is a lightly filled EVA hotmelt edge banding adhesive. It has a medium to high viscosity.…

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Protak 3308- Edgebanding Adhesive

Protak 3308 is an unfilled EVA hotmelt edgebanding adhesive. It has been specifically designed for high quality applications,…

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Protak 3109- Profile Wrapping Adhesive

Protak 3109 is an unfilled EVA profile wrapping adhesive. It is used for bonding decorative foils to sheet…

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PUR 25 – PUR Edgebanding Adhesive

PUR 25 is a reactive PUR hot melt adhesive, specially developed for edgebanding using roller or slot applications.…

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H3467- Precast Concrete Mould Adhesive

H3467 is suitable for temporary bonding structural and architectural elements. These may include polystyrene, plastic, wood among other…

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H3715- Precast Concrete Mould Adhesive

H3715 is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. It is used in the precast industry include…

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Action Adhesives offers competitive pricing WITHOUT sacrificing HIGH Quality!! We dare you to compare!!!

As leading Specialists in the Industrial Adhesives market in Ireland, our technical team at Action Adhesives have assembled the most comprehensive range of top quality hot-melt products.

The main properties of hot melt adhesives are as follows:

  • 100% solids
  • Thermoplastic
  • Applied in a molten state
  • Set by cooling
  • Fast setting
  • High adhesion
  • Wide variety of formulations

In most cases, a prescribed amount of hot fluid adhesive is applied to one surface to be bonded. It is then brought into contact with the surface it is to be bonded to and compression is applied. After the adhesive has cooled below its solidification point, the substrates are bonded. This process is illustrated below:

  • Transfer – Both substrates must have an ample amount of adhesive.
  • Wet Out – Characterized by the ability to flow and evenly coat the surface.
  • Penetrate – Adhesive dives into the substrate’s fibers and begins interlocking.
  • Solidify – Final stages of cooling where the adhesive’s internal strength becomes greater than that of the substrate.

Some areas where are Action Adhesives Hot Melts are utilized:

  • Packaging (End of line case and carton sealing)
  • Bookbinding (Spine glue, Hinge glue)
  • Bottle Labeling (label attachment, cap lining)
  • Bags (bottom seals, multiwall attachment, pinch seals)
  • Straw attachment
  • Palletizing
  • Fugitive (e.g. credit card removable glue)
  • Labels and Tapes
  • Window Blinds
  • Tile Displays
  • Sign & Display Manufacturing
  • Food Processing (Carton Sealing)
  • Pharmaceutical (Carton Sealing)
  • Non Wovens PSA (diaper construction, feminine hygeine)
  • Wood construction (edgebanding, profile wrapping)

10 Reasons To Choose Hot Melt Adhesives from Action Adhesives:

  1. A wide variety of technologies available (metallocene, EVA, block copolymer PSA, reactive PUR)
  2. Extended shelf life in most environments
  3. Effective on a wide variety of substrates
  4. Exceptional gap filling properties
  5. Excellent bonding flexibility
  6. Excellent moisture resistance
  7. Several different application methods
  8. Compatible with elevated line speeds
  9. Provides added structural strength to bonded materials
  10. Material is 100% solid, eliminating discharge and waste

What are the Various Types of Hot Melt Products that Action Adhesives supply?