Family Sanitiser Pack


At Sterile Solutions, we believe in keeping your whole family safe. To do this, we have created a family sanitiser pack. We use an Irish Made a hand and skin Sanitiser. It is effective against most bacteria and viruses.

Our family pack comes with 5 x 10ml Sprays plus a 1 litre bottle. This ensures you can fill 100 x 10mlsprays. Our sprays provide a fine mist that is rubbed into your hands, leaving no residue.

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  • High Grade Alcohol based hand & Skin sanitiser
  • Irish Made Alcohol Sanitiser
  • Effective against most bacteria and viruses
  • Liquid non stick sanitiser
  • 10ml Spray
    • Pen size with clip for a shirt or bag
    • Each 10ml has approx 80 sprays
    • Will spray a mist that quickly drys into your hands once rubbed
  • 1 Litre Bottle
    • Perfect for Refilling up to 100 of our 10mls
    • Long lasting sanitiser
  • Perfect for your car, school bags, hand bags or for when you want to get our and about.


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