Eco Friendly Adhesives


Fantastic Eco Friendly Adhesives Now Available From Action Adhesives

Action Adhesives are committed to innovation and environmental awareness, and our continued long standing partnerships with leading manufacturers Chemique, ensures we are able to offer a range of spray-able two component waterborne adhesives. Spray-able Two Component Waterborne Adhesives are the latest new technologies in the adhesive market, and offer superior performance than existing solvented products.

We are Ireland’s only distributor of Chemique ProAqua Range, that is used for applications such as bedding, office seating, foam fabrication, office seating, and upholstery. ProAqua Range is also commonly used on applications such as bonding of foams, cloth, plastics and metals.

What are the Main Benefits of Action Adhesives Eco Friendly Adhesives?

  • They bond Instantaneously
  • They can increase Productivity
  • Are very versatile on many applications
  • Solvent Free
  • Are resistant to High Temperature
  • Excellent Sprayability
  • Can be Re-positioned easily

Our Eco Friendly Adhesives Pro Aqua Range includes the following:

ProAqua Foam: A general purpose grade with soft glue line, high initial tack, very useful for applications such as foam converting and mattress manufacturing.

ProAqua Upholstery: A high performance grade designed for bonding several diverse materials used in the manaufacturing of upholstery and furniture.

ProAqua Office: Superior Office Seating grade for foams to wood and plastic. No fabric bleed through and excellent tack on difficult substrates.

A member of our technical team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the adhesive for your application.