A4420 – 2 Part Methacrylate Adhesive

A4420 is a two-component methacrylate adhesive. It is used for bonding metals, plastics and composites in situations where high strength and impact resistance is required.



A4420 is an off-white 1:1 ration Methyl Methacrylate adhesive

  • A Methacrylate adhesives will to bond metal fasteners to moulded composite parts
  • A4420 will bond thermoplastics to metals, that you will find in the signage industry.
  • You can use this with aluminium and stainless steel for gluing letters in the sign manufacturing industry
  • It can bond automotive GRP and carbon fibre body panels or for bonding GRP in the marine industry
  • This adhesive is in trailer manufacturing to bond dissimilar metals.


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Available Container Sizes

400ml, 50ml

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