Surface Cleaners

Ireland’s Best Surface Cleaners At Great Prices From Action Adhesives


We supply a range of surface cleaners suitable for several different applications. Surface cleaners are very important, when you are using products such as threadlockers or cyanoacrylates adhesives.

All our solvent based surface cleaners are designed to be fast and effective in removing the residue from solvented adhesives, and are aimed at tackling wet or dry adhesives. They are also aimed at tackling small areas of old adhesive, that have proven difficult to remove, an dour adhesives can remove this without any problems. Our surface cleaners are also perfect for removing grease, wax and similar stains.

Action Adhesives most popular Surface Cleaners include the following:

Action S1902 is used an a thinner for polyurethane and polychloroprene adhesives such as our S1101 polychloroprene rubber solution as well as a surface cleaner agent to clean tools and applicators used to apply these adhesives. S1902 may also be used as an adhesive. It finds particular use as an adhesive for bonding ABS to itself and in bonding cellulose plastics. The product can also be used to bond low and medium molecular weight PVC to itself, however, it is not suggested for use in bonding high molecular weight PVC.

Action S1906 is another of our surface cleaners, used to dilute synthetic rubber solutions such as our S1556 and ploychloroprene rubber solutions such as our S1101. The product may also be used to clean pressure pots and other spray systems used to apply the above adhesives.

Action S1908 is an alcohol solvent which is primarily used as a solvent degreaser for metals and plastics. Due to it’s low solvency power, it is quite suitable for degreasing many plastics including polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene. S1908 also finds use in cleaning metals prior to painting or gluing. Due to it’s low solvency power, it is not recommended for plastic welding applications. It is also very effective as a glass cleaner.

Action orange cleaner one of our very unique solvent free surface cleaners. Apart from being 100% free of traditional solvents, it is completely biodegradable and due to it’s non toxic properties, is very safe to use, particularly in enclosed areas. The product is extensively used for removing tar, grease, bitumen, waxes, adhesives and uncured adhesives and varnishes. It has a very good softening effect upon silicone and mastics and it is ideal for cleaning oil spills off hard surfaces and in cleaning mechanical parts. The product is in corformance with British Standard BS 4870 Part 2 for degreasing aluminium. The product is safe for use on all metals, plastics, concrete, glass and wood.

Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to recommend a suitable solvent cleaner for your application. All Action Adhesives products have a detailed material safety datasheet to ensure operators use the correct the process.


    S500 are the ultimate industrial wipe that will provide you with an optimal clean and leave your surfaces looking brand new. With hi-tech Dual GleemTex Technology, the S500 will eliminate all common industrial stains, clean adhesives, sealants, grease and oils, dirt and lots more.