Threadlockers, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Epoxy Resin, UV Cure Adhesives, Structural Adhesives & Many More Of The Highest Quality Engineering Adhesives Available In Ireland

Action Adhesives are Ireland’s leading supplier for manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and repair adhesives and sealants. We have a large range of adhesives that are highly regarded by industry professionals within the engineering sector. Our technical team are there to help you get the right adhesive for your application.

What Engineering applications require
Industrial Adhesives and Sealants?

  • Glass Furniture Bonding
  • Electronics
  • Solar Panels
  • Headset Bonding
  • Sealing Batteries
  • Electrical wire tracking

Action Adhesives most popular Engineering Adhesives include the following:


A single component liquid adhesive, that acts by remaining liquid until isolated from oxygen, in the presence of metal ions, like copper or iron. It then creates a strong bond, that prevents any traction of the threads.

They are commonly used for engineering applications such as:

  • Eliminating pre-cut or compression gaskets
  • Gears, Bearings, Shafts, and Pulleys
  • Sealing and Retaining of cylindrical assembles
  • Sealing and locking of nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Sealing Chemical or Gas lines

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Are single component moisture curing adhesives, that cure, quickly, forming, durable, tough, and high performance bonds. They cure quickly, as they react to hydroxol ions in water, and as virtually all substrates have traces or water on it surfaces, the cyanaoacrylate works exceptionally quickly.

They are commonly used for the engineering applications:

  • Bonding Elastometric substrates to metal
  • Bonding Elastometric substrates to plastics
  • Bonding or Sealing Plastic LED components together

Epoxy Resin

Action Adhesives supply Permabond’s epoxy resin adhesives, that are commonly used for engineering applications. They are supplied in either single part epoxies, or two part epoxies and offer high performance bonding for most engineering materials, and are commonly used for some of the following engineering applications:

  • Wear and Tear applications
  • Replacing Welding and Brazing
  • General assembly
  • Heat exchanger market for sealing heat exchanger tubes and end plates

UV Cure Adhesive

Are single part, cure on-demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates. They work through exposure to UV light and are commonly used in some of the following engineering applications.

  • Bonding Glass Furniture
  • Lenses
  • Electronics
  • Solar Panels

Structural Adhesives

Are designed to provide tough, durable bonds to variety of different surfaces. Structural Adhesives are two part resins, that when mixed or activated, cure to form an impact resistant plastic film, the adheres to the surfaces of the substrates.

It is commonly used for engineering applications such as:

  • Magnet Bonding
  • Metal Bonding
  • Plastic and Composite Bonding
  • Multiple Surfaces bonding
  • Glass Bonding

We also supply adhesive into various sectors including the manufacture of badges, brushes, ceramics and most engineering sectors.

Action Adhesives have helped several professionals find the right adhesive for their specific application.