At Action Adhesives, we stock a range of adhesives for the automotive sector. In an age where keeping equipment light weight and fuel efficient, the use of adhesives in vehicles is only increasing.

Our automotive adhesives are in cars, vans, trucks, motorhome, trailers and any other wheeled vehicles. They can be used in everything from seating to engine parts. Our threadlocking adhesives can be used in motors and pumps to ensure a long lasting seal. Our polyurethane sealants in the interior, windows and sealing of vehicle body panels. Our Action Adhesives range of structural adhesives are designed to support welded area by creating a strong lasting bond.

If you need an adhesive for any type of vehicle, contact our team. Our adhesives can be found in caravans, motorhomes, fitted vans, cars and trucks. We supply a range of temperature resistant adhesives for areas that maybe subject to extremes in temperature.

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