VHB Foamed Acrylic Tapes

Characteristics, Features and Benefits:

  1. Excellent load-bearing capability
  2. Excellent high performance capability
  3. Resilient performance in all weather conditions
  4. Bonds to a wide variety of substrates
  5. Load and stress is spread across the plane of the bond, there are no stress points that arise as with mechanical fixings
  6. Stops metal fatigue and mechanical degradation that you get with fixings such as screws, nuts and bolts
  7. Properties such as vibration, dampening, shock, absorption, sealing, thermal expansion and contraction take up conformability Excellent load-bearing capability
  8. Aesthetic enhancement, no screw heads are visible. Invisible fixing and bonding
  9. Reduces re-finishing work, touching-up and clean up time required with other forms of bonding/fixing
  10. Quick to use, clean, safe and economic – improves productivity
  11. No need to damage substrates to be bonded – no mechanical fixing, punctures or holes. Helps stop rusting – complete seal can be achieved
  12. When replacing spot welding there is no distortion of the sheet metal. No welding bead needs to be ground down.

Vhb Solves Problems


  • Unsightly fasteners (rivets)
  • Clean bond specified (designer / architect)
  • “cheap” sounding / noisy


  • Holes place for corrosion
  • Fatigue failure
  • Environmental / solvent exposure

High Assembly / Design Cost:

  • Many holes to drill
  • Finishing after assembly
  • High Labour skill level
  • Fixturing / cure time required
  • Two components required (gasket / fastener)

Material Limitations:

  • Galvanic corrosion (metals)
  • Differential thermal expansion
  • Thicker than required

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