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Find the perfect adhesive tape for your application.

Our range of tapes are the perfect alternative to liquid adhesives, nails and screws. These are as strong as nail or welding alternative methods of securing. We have a range of single and double sided tapes available. Each tape is available in various strength, width, length and colour.
Our tapes are suitable for securing a wide range of surfaces. The tapes have a range of bases including Butyl, Filmic, Foam and VST. They can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, where a welder or fastening bolt is not suitable. These adhesive are perfect when you need to a securing method that limits vibrations within structures and machinery.

All our adhesive tape use the latest in industrial adhesive tape technology. Our team have near one quarter of a century providing technical support for users of Butyl,  Filmic, Foam and VST tape. Our team are available to answer any questions. These tapes are available in a range of sizes and lengths, to suit your individual business needs. Our tapes are popular among businesses in the Sign & Display sector to name just one industry. To learn more about individual tapes, click the product below.



Our team are available to answer any questions. Click here to talk to our team.