BIT Chemical Anchors

September 25 2019 BIT Range of Chemical Anchors

Action Adhesives are proud to announce that we are now the official distributors of Bit United. BIT United is a company that specialises in the development and manufacture of Chemical Anchors, repair solutions and fixing products in the industrial, construction, and DIY sectors.

Chemical anchors are used widely in the construction industry. They can be known as liquid metal, anchor resin, chemical fasteners, mortar resin among other trade names.  Chemical anchors can be placed towards the edge of concrete substrates and through masonry block. The non-expanding nature of a chemically-held rod drastically reduces the potential of the surrounding concrete cracking. This makes it perfect for securing railings on to shallow concrete slabs, on concrete stairs and similar applications. A chemical anchoring gives you the opportunity to make slight adjustments to the stud’s alignment while the chemical is curing. In comparison, a mechanical anchor needs a hole to be drilled millimeter-perfect every time, and if it isn’t, it cannot be used.

Chemical anchors have lots of advantages over typical mechanical fixings. With chemical anchoring a liquid resin is injected into the hole and the stud is then inserted. With this, the resin naturally fills in any irregularities in the concrete making the hole air and water tight and giving you 100% adhesion between the stud and the concrete.

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