Adhesives for Floors

January 8 2020 Floor Adhesives

Whether it’s a new home or renovation, having a perfectly laid new floor is an expectation that we all have. The floor is expected to hold in place without any lift or distortion over its duration. To ensure perfect adhesion, our  adhesives Experts at Action Adhesives have a recommendation.

Introducing Parabond Parquet 300+

Parabond Parquet 300+ is an MS Hybrid Polymer adhesive. It is specifically designed for adhering floors. Parquet 300+ is suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent bases when adhering anything from parquet floors to ceramic tiles. It works on most types of wood and is ideally suited to problematic woods such as beech, maple and bamboo.

Parabond is suitable for use with underfloor heating. It will not have any impact on the heat transfer from your underfloor heating, while also ensuring your floor is stuck fast to the ground. Prior to application, surfaces should be cleaned and smoothed. Leaving a level layer for applying the adhesive and floor. A scraper is advised when applying Parabond to ensure a clean smooth finish.

Parabond is a primer free adhesive. It will bond with most materials including aluminium, steel, concrete, brick, wood and more. It is available in 25kg buckets. The adhesive is semi-viscous ensuring you can lay it evenly on the prepared surface. The exposure time for this adhesive is 30 min. It is recommended that you leave 24hrs for the adhesive to set prior to walking on it.


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