UV-curable adhesives are single part, cure on demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates.

Upon exposure to UV light, UV curables will cure to a high strength in a matter of seconds. UV curable adhesives are suitable for a variety of applications such as bonding glass to glass or glass to metal. UV adhesives do not dissolve, melt or weaken the two components, instead they form very high strength bonds for load bearing joints, such as those found in glass furniture and display cases. Due to these strong chemical bonds between the two substrates UV adhesives provide a high strength alternative to other joining methods.

The benefits of UV Light Curable Adhesives include:

UV light curing adhesive

  • Cure on demand – allows proper alignment of components before bonding.
  • Speed – increase production by simply adding more lamps to the line.
  • Non-flammable and solvent-free – supports a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • Single part product – No mixing required.
  • Save energy and space – UV lamps require less electricity and space compared to ovens.
  • Appearance – UV adhesives provide a pleasing finished appearance.
  • 100% solids = No waste.


UV adhesives cure during exposure to ultra violet light. The adhesives contain photo-initiators that react to specific wavelengths of light to cure the adhesive. Flexible and stress absorbing, UV curable adhesives are suited to applications where substrates with different thermal expansions need to be bonded. UV curable adhesives bond a wide variety of plastics.

Some clear plastics contain UV stabilisers that block the transmission of UV light however manufacturers, such as Permabond, have formulated plastic bonding adhesives with UV and visible light curing capabilities to allow these plastics to be bonded.

Curing lamps are available in a variety of intensities from small inexpensive hobby type lamps to high intensity units for high speed production. Our technical consultants will help you select the equipment best suited to your specific application.

Factors which determine the cure speed

UV Cure adhesive technology

  • Intensity of UV-Light and distance from the source
  • Type of UV Bulb there are a variety of bulb types and LEDs with different power outputs and Spectra
  • Age of the bulb (UV output of bulbs reduces with age)
  • Light transmittance of materials being bonded



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