Food Approved Sealant

“RapidSeal N-50 Food Grade Sealant, Excellent Value & The Best Quality Food Approved Sealant, Available At Great Prices At Action Adhesives”

Food Grade Silicone Sealant

At Action Adhesives, our sales team are asked for all types of different industrial adhesives & sealants. A common question however our sales team are asked for, is a food approved sealant. As we are committed to expanding our range, we have a number of high quality food approved sealants here at Action Adhesives.

Our most popular Food Approved Sealant is RapidSeal N-50 Food Grade Silicone Sealant. A ready to use product, it is a one component neutral curing sealant, excellent for bonding on both porous and non porous substrates. RapidSeal Food Approved Sealant is very easy to apply, and doesn’t stain on natural stone materials such as marble.

RapidSeal Food Approved Sealant is particularly effective for applications such as kitchens and food preparation environments. It also very effective for building projects for construction joints, where movement is high between the different substrates.

What other Food Approved Sealants do Action Adhesives Supply?

MS5050 – A weather resistance sealant, MS 5050 is a fantastic option for kitchen & sanitary applications. It does not contain any solvents, or silicone properties, and is also iscoyantes free. It is particularly effective in sanitary applications and has excellent anti-fungal properties, and is an excellent food approved sealant for food applications.

MS 5050 is supplied in Black,Grey, White & Transparent colours in 400ml and 600ml sausages.

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