Safety Training

“Get the best technical advice & safety adhesive training with Action Adhesives”

Engineering Adhesives, Engineering Glue, Engineering Sealants, Engineering TapesAs users of adhesives, our customers must be aware of the hazards & dangers associated with certain types of adhesives. To this end, we regularly advise customers on the safe use of our products and we regularly replace certain types of adhesives with safer alternatives.

Safety training is key part of our service at Action Adhesives, as we are committed to ensuring all customers of ours at Action Adhesives are satisfied in understanding, the correct usage of adhesives.

polyurethane glueWe will visit your plant to get a better understanding of the customers process and provide the necessary safety training. We can then advise some process or product changes which will produce savings for the customer and also lead to a safer and healthier working environment.

To ensure our products are used correctly and to avoid wastage ,excess maintenance and product failures, we regularly visit our customers premises, providing  training to workers on correct adhesive bonding procedures. Topics such as surface preparation, adhesive application and adhesive cure parameters are topics which we can help you with.

For particular industries and applications we are committed to assisting our customers, in the devising of specific programmes for optimized performance.

Our Technical Department stays up to date on the latest safety regulations and we keep a comprehensive database of all of the Material Safety Data Sheets for all products.


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