Are you looking for an adhesive that works well on PVC? Our technical team discuss your options, and our range of PVC Adhesives!

PVC is a thermoplastic resin. Sometimes referred to as vinyl, this essentially means certain specific flexible applications such as decorative sheets, flooring & artificial leather. One of the most common and well known  plastics, PVC comes in two forms, rigid PVC, and flexible PVC. PVC’s are known for chemical resistance, and are commonly used for window and door frames, pipes, insulation of electric cables, signs, furniture, flooring and many more applications.

Our technical team discuss some of the following options for your PVC application, and the best PVC Adhesives on the market.

Repairing PVC Bouncy Castles, Repairing Marquee Glue

Our XP 1115 leaves excellent bonds on PVC Material.

XP1115 – Our XP 1115 is one of the most effective products for PVC applications. A single component polyurethane adhesive, XP 1115 is excellent for repairs on bouncy castles, curtain side repair applications such as rips, tears, and slashes, and marquee repairs. 

Foam Tapes, Industrial Tapes, Double Sided Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes provide excellent seals on PVC applications

Foam Tapes – Foam Tapes are another excellent option for PVC applications. They essentially act as seal, where they prevent air, moisture, water, dirt, vapor and even sound infiltration. When compressed, Foam Tapes in fact memorizes its natural state and position and applies an outward pressure that seals the joint. If you are requiring a long term durable bond for PVC, Foam Tapes are an excellent option. 

Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant – A perfect option for non flexible PVC is Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant. One of the our most popular Sealants, it is a one part neutral curing low modulus silicone sealant, that provides fantastic adhesion to construction materials and substrates. It is known for providing excellent durable seals especially on Non Flexible PVC.

Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant

MS Polymer – One of the most innovative sealants on the market, MS Polymer has virtually all the same properties as the well known Tec 7 Sealant, and is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading sealants on the market. Superb on virtually all substrates. MS Polymer are very effective on PVC applications. It displays fantastic  UV resistance, is non staining, paintable, has fantastic anti fungal properties, and leaves an excellent crystal clear finish. MS Polymer should be given serious consideration for your PVC application. 

Brushable Adhesives – We also supply Brushable Solvent Adhesives that are excellent for PVC applications. Our most popular Brushable Adhesives for PVC application is our S1351. Click here for full datasheet  >>>>> Action S1351

If you have a PVC Application, and think our technical team can assist you, a member of our technical team would be happy to answer any question you may have.