PVA Glue for Wood glue

They can be absolutely no question, that PVA Glue is an exceptional innovation. An fantastic product for value for money, PVA Glue is is exceptionally safe and easy to use, and is widely used in the development of several applications and projects. As Ireland’s leading manufacturer of high quality PVA Glue, our team at Action Adhesives examine why PVA Glue is such a popular product, and the history behind its success.

Why is PVA Glue is so effective?

A discovery of the main chemical component Polyvinyl Acetate in the early 20th Century led by German Fritz Klatte led to the development of PVA Glue. Polyvinyl Acetate was shown to display no dangerous fumes or notable smells, while it also was very safe for users to handle. It was quickly used on wood applications such as Plywood, Chipboards and MDF’s, and it was quickly realized it was also an exceptional performance sealer, bonding agent, dust proofer, and primer.

The science behind PVA Glue is it sets where they is very good air circulation. and dries quickest when its in room temperature. PVA Glue is also exceptionally flexible, and is also permanent, and interestingly has a neutral PH.

PVA Glue is used for what applications?

  • Chipboards

  • Blockboard

  • Veneers

  • Manufacture of Furniture

  • Assembly

  • Jointing

  • Box Closing

  • Folding

  • Tray Erecting

Action Adhesives have a manufacturing capacity of 2000 tons per year, and are Ireland’s leading distributor of water based adhesives. We also provide thorough testing on all water based adhesives products, in our fully equipped laboratory, and regularly analyze competitors samples, and offer improved counter-types.

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