A popular product among users of adhesives in Ireland is instant adhesives. Popularly known as Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate Adhesives among industry users, instant adhesives are fantastic for a wide range of applications. Our technical team discuss instant adhesives in the following section:

Instant Adhesives are very powerful adhesives, and are known to be extremely quick setting, unlike most other structural adhesives that tend take longer to set. Instant Adhesives generally cure within less than minute, and are brilliant for gap filling, impact resistance, & even metal to metal bonding. After they cure, they form a very effective rigid bond with high tensile and sheer strength. They are popular among users as they work exceptionally well in even the harshest conditions. 

Instant Adhesives however are not suitable if solvent resistance & water resistance is required. Instant Adhesives however are very effective for bonding non porous substrates such as metal, rubber, or even plastics.

Instant Adhesives work best on the following substrates:

  • PlasticsCA Glue, Permabond, glue supplier

  • Metals

  • Wood

  • Ceramics

  • Glass

  • Rubbers

  • Textiles

  • Glass

What is the science behind Instant Adhesives & how do they work?

Basically Cyanoacrylate an Acrylic Resin reacts with traces of moisture on the surfaces of the substrate. Subsequently  the adhesive forms a rigid powerful bond. As most substrates will have traces of moisture on its surfaces, the cyanoacrylate with quickly react to the surface, thus creating a strong powerful bond with the substrate.

Fantastic Attributes of Instant Adhesives Include:

  • Extremely Powerful Bond StrengthCyanoacrylate Glue, Safety Training, Instant Adhesives

  • Exceptional Fast Bonding

  • No VOC’s

  • Exceptionally easy to use

  • No mixing required

  • Non Flammable

5 considerations if you are using Instant Adhesives for your application:

  1. Instant Adhesives display poor peel strengthgluing rubber, ca glue

  2. If resistance to water & solvents is required, they are not the best option

  3. If using instant adhesives be cautious as they can quickly bond to skin

  4. They don’t react well to cotton & wool

  5. They are an excellent option if you are trying to bond small areas, but they tend to struggle with larger areas

If you have any questions regarding instant adhesives, our technical team are here to help & are more than happy to answer any question you may have.


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