As Ireland’s leading supplier of hot melt adhesives, our range of hot melt products are used for a range of different industrial and manufacturing procedures. Known for its bonding power in assembling parts and sealing packages, hot melt adhesives are also cost efficient and versatile. Our technical team discuss the many different applications of hot melt in this blog.

Paperboard and Packaging

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Its estimated that over 70% of adhesives that are used worldwide are used for packaging applications. Our range of hot melts are perfect for paperboard and packaging applications. Common paperboard applications our hot melt range are used for include:

  • Corrugated Board

  • Carton Sealing

  • Case Sealing

  • Film Laminating

  • Labeling



Action Adhesives  range of Industrial strength hot melts, are formulated to meet the requirements for colour, bond strength, heat resistance, and are known for improving bookbinding quality. It is also perfect for improving the performance in page pulls and flex’s, and ensuring books are made to be more durable.

Appliance Assembly

Hot melt technology is perfect for appliance assembly, as its extremely affordable and strength is not comprised. Commonly specialized Industrial Equipment dispenses molten thermoplastic resins, that are used in glues in assembly of the appliance.

Its important to note the adhesive strength is achieved after the cooling of the pliable resin. This is key in manufacturing as it reduces the need to clamp, thus saving time.

School Projects and Art Crafts

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Traditional Glue Guns and Hot Glue Sticks are commonly used for household, school and art projects. They are typically the most basic applications for hot melt technology but as hot melt glue guns are exceptionally easy to use, they provide the best option for this type of application.

Other Applications

Hot Melt Gluesticks are also commonly used for display boards for tile shops. They are also used for making rosettes and craft applications with card and are commonly used for other substrates. Hot melt products are also effective in jewelry making and kart koture.