Hot Melt Adhesives are used in the industrial manufacturing for a wide range of household products, medical products & and all sorts of products we use on a daily basis. Hot Melt Adhesives however are predominately chosen ahead of the adhesive counterparts as they provide the best solution for the manufacture of most products, as they are extremely flexible, versatile and offer fantastic value.  

Hot Melt Adhesives are particularly popular in the construction industry, and are commonly used for manufacturing and installing laminated wood panels, prefabricated beams, wall panels, construction of general buildings, installing flooring, carpeting, ceiling panels, and wall coverings. Hot Melt Adhesives are not only used by industry users, but are used for consumer goods, particularly office and stationary supplies, and for hobby and crafts.

Hot Melt Adhesives are exceptionally popular for packaging, and are regularly used in the manufacture of corrugated boards, bags, cartons, boxes, envelopes, and labels, however the demand for hot melt adhesives in the industry generally relates to corrugated boxes.

Hot Melt Adhesives are made from a mixture of resins, oils and tackifiers, and are applied in molten form, where it cools down providing an excellent bond. hot melt, hot melt granules, hot melt glue, hot melt adhesives,packaging hot melt adhesives, hot melt bulk suppliers

Why choose Hot Melt Adhesives?

  • Provides excellent gap filling properties

  • Excellent shelf life

  • Can be used on several substrates

  • Very little wastage

  • Provides excellent resistance to moisture

  • Several different ways of applyingHot Melt Adhesives

Our range here at Action Adhesives consists of:

  • 12mm Glue Sticks

  • 43mm Glue Slugs

  • Pressure Sensitive Pillows

  • Hot Melt GranulesHot Melt Glue Guns, Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Hot Melt Glue Guns

  • Applicators to suit all forms

  • Hand Held Granules

  • Slug Guns

  • Bulk Granule

  • Pillow Applicators

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