What are your options if you are looking for a heat resistant glue?

Our technical team are commonly asked for a heat resistant glue. If you are looking for a heat resistant glue, they are many important considerations to take into account.  As we say with most applications, the right choice of adhesive for some applications requires thought and precision, and with the help and experience of our technical team, we can get you the result you are hoping for.

Your Heat Resistant Glue Options from Action Adhesives:

Epoxy Resin: One of our most popular glues if you are looking for a heat resistant glue. Available in both one part epoxy resin and two part epoxy resins, they are known for their resistance to heat, excellent adhesive strength, mechanical strength, and resistance to chemicals. Epoxy Resins are commonly used for forming strong structural bonds on materials like:

Woodworking, Epoxy Resin, Gluing Wood, heat resistant glue

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Metals

  • Ferrites

One part epoxy glues differ from two part epoxy glues, as they cure only in elevated temperatures often between ( 250 – 300°F) . Two Part Epoxy Glue however are more versatile and can cure in both room and elevated temperatures.

Polyurethane Glue, Woodworking, Solvent Free Polyurethane, heat resistant glue

Solvent Free Polyurethane – Another excellent option if you are looking for a high heat resistant glue. Solvent Free Polyurethane is known for displaying excellent resistant to heat, water, and chemical resistance. Solvent Free Polyurethane glue works through relying on the humidity environment of the application to cure. Solvent Free Polyurethane is applied in most cases to just one surface only. Its versatility,  and ability to be very effective on sensitive substrates, makes it an attractive option for people searching for a heat resistant glue. 

Brushable Adhesives – Action S1010 is a specifically formulated versatile solvent contact adhesive. It has excellent adhesion properties to both flexible and rigid substrates such as wood, plastics, and particular metals. It is commonly used in shopfitting applications, woodworking and even the footwear industry, where its commonly used to bond decorative laminates. An excellent option if you require a heat resistant glue.

W2095 Woodworking & Laminating Adhesive – As it suggests W2095 is commonly used for wood and laminating applications. A single component water-based adhesive, it meets the requirements of EN 204 Category D3. Category D3 covers the use of wood glues, where the joint will be exposed to short term water contact or high humidity applications. It has fantastic characteristics for typical wood and laminating applications such as:

PVA Glue for Wood glue, heat resistant glue

  • Excellent Resistance to heat

  • Extremely quick setting speed

  • Displays an excellent clear glue line


We also supply Butyl Sealant Tapes and High Temperature Sealant, that are very effective for applications that require the adhesive to be heat resistant.


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