“Action Adhesives High Quality SuperGlue is perfect for bonding applications in harsh conditions, and provides exceptional strength, value & versatility”

Action Adhesives SuperGlues are single component moisture adhesives. Refered to as cyanoacrylate adhesives by some industrial users, they are known to work very quickly, where they provide exceptionally tough, durable, high performance adhesion & bonds. SuperGlue’s main ingredient is an acrylic resin known as Cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate cures virtually immediately by being triggered by hydroxol ions in water. Virtually all substrates will have traces of water on their surfaces. This therefore ensures SuperGlue adheres to the surfaces very quickly.

Super-Glue works exceptionally well on the following substrates:

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  • Wood

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Rubbers

  • Glass

Super-Glue is an excellent option for bonding materials that are dissimilar, and are also very effective in bonding smooth surfaces.

5 Great Reasons to choose SuperGlue from Action Adhesives:

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  • Cures very quickly

  • High temperature resistance

  • Excellent technical advice and value

  • Non Flammable

  • Extremely adaptable to a vast number of applications

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All our products come with a detailed material safety datasheet to ensure users use our products correctly. Action Adhesives provide the very best technical advice in Ireland, and would be happy to answer any question you may have regarding SuperGlue.

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