Super Glue

“High Quality Super Glue from Action Adhesives at Superb Prices”

Excellent for bonding applications in harsh conditions, Action Adhesives Super Glue is renowned for its strength, affordability, and versatility. If you are a user of super glue, and are looking for high quality industrial strength glue, make sure to contact us, and our technical team will work with you to find the right super glue for your application.

What are the common applications Action Adhesives Super Glue are used for?

  • Bonding Smooth Surfaces Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Super Glue

  • Woodworking

  • Electronics

  • General Manufacturing

  • Metals

  • Rubbers

  • Plastics

8 Fantastic Reasons why Super Glue remains such a popular product:

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

  • Cures in a very short space of time

  • Joins dissimilar material at consistent optimum strength

  • High temperature resistance

  • Non Flammable

  • User Friendly

  • Solvent free

  • Very affordable

  • Superb Bond Strength that often exceeds the substrate material

What is the science behind Super Glue & how does it work so effectively?

Its main ingredient is cyanoacrylate an acrylic resin, that virtually cures instantaneously. It works by being triggered by hydroxol ions in water, and as almost  all objects have traces of water on its surfaces, this enables the glue work exceptionally quickly on the substrate.

Our Range of Super Glues here at Action Adhesives include the following:

Cyanoacrylate Glue, Gyanoacrylate Adhesives, Super Glue

  • General Purpose Grades

  • Metal Bonding Grades

  • Rubber and Plastic Bonding Grades

  • Toughened Grades

  • Gel Grades

  • Low Odour/ Low Bloom Grades

  • High Temperature Grades

  • Slow Setting Grades

Industrial Adhesives, Glues, Sealants, Tapes Ireland, adhesives cork

Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to answer any question you may have regarding super-glue. All Action Adhesives products have a detailed material safety datasheet to ensure operators use the correct the process.

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