Polystyrene Glue

“Polystyrene Glue Provides Superb Bonds In Polystyrene Applications”


Polystyrene sheet Action Adhesives provide a variety of polystyrene safe adhesives. Polystyrene glue is known to be very effective for use in insulation and allied sectors. While polystyrene glue is used for bonding expanded polystyrene (EPS) to expanded polystyrene it is also used on some of the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Galvanised Steel 
  • Aluminium

Our advice if you are trying to bond polystyrene with our polystyrene glue:

We recommend the polystyrene safe glue is used when all substrates are free of dirt, grease or any other contaminate. Action Adhesive’s technical consultants also recommend, when you are bonding fibrous materials, it is important you apply the polystyrene adhesive to the non-porous side of the laminate. In situations where you may have to bond rigid foam, or other non-porous materials, our technical consultants advise that a thin coat of the adhesive is applied to both sides, allowing the adhesive tack off before bonding together. Our technical consultants also recommend using a thin coat of the polystyrene adhesive will ensure a quicker tacking off time.

Polystyrene Glue is applied by brush, trowel or serrated spreader. Action Adhesives supply sprayable applied versions of Polystyrene glue that are available in both flammable and non-solvents. Action Adhesives also will supply a material datasheet on request to ensure users of our adhesives follow the correct procedures to obtain the best results.

Adhesive options for bonding polystyrene:

fd170-tuskbond-polystyrene-adhesiveSprayable Adhesive – Tuskbond FD170 polystyrene adhesive is a high solids, fast drying, extremely tacky, non-chlorinated spray adhesive system. Developed for bonding polystyrene to itself and various substrates including MDF, chipboard, plasterboard, aluminium, concrete and steel. FD170 is completely free from all chlorinated solvents and is designed to provide fast, accurate and ergonomic application when using a gun and hose system.

Tuskbond FD170                  



Brushable Adhesives – Our Action S1502, unlike other brushable adhesives , is very effective on polystyrene applications. A high tack rubber adhesive, it is a high viscosity adhesive, that works well on difficult to bond substrates such as expanded polystyrene. It is a unique adhesive  as the product contains a solvent blend, that does not attack the substrates been bonded.

Single Part Polyurethane – We have a range of Single Part Polyurethane products, that provide excellent adhesion to materials that are often used in the fabrication of buildings, such as expanded polystyrene. 


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