Marquee Repair Glue

“Our XP 1115 Is A Specifically Designed PVC Marquee Repair Glue”

Marquee Repair Glue

Action Adhesives are committed to providing our customers the very best advice and products in the adhesive & sealant industry. With an experienced team to call upon, everyday we get enquiries from all sectors, asking us for advice. A common enquiry to our technical team here at Action Adhesives is advice for sourcing marquee repair glue. 

Over the summer months in particular, marquees become particularly popular, and unfortunately for most marquee operators they will get damaged, as a result of wear and tear. Made typically from 800g PVC/Nylon or 600g PVC/Nylon marquee operators must always make sure they are in good condition, and conform to European Safety Standards. From our years of experience in the industry, our team offers the very best solutions for repairing tears, rips, and punctures commonly found in marquees and inflatables. Our XP 1115 is specifically designed for repairing pvc marquees and other inflatables such as bouncy castles.

Why choose Action Adhesives XP 1115 Marquee Repair Glue for your application?

Repairing PVC Bouncy Castles, Repairing Marquee Glue

Our XP 1115 leaves excellent bonds on PVC Material.

Our XP 1115 is a single component polyurethane, that provides excellent heat resistance, and leads the way in Repairing Marquees Glues. Our technical team advice for best results, is to ensure the area around the marquee is free from any dust, fibers, grease or any other contamination. Its then advised to wipe the substrates with a solvent, as this provides better adhesion.

Our XP 1115 Glue provides:

  • Excellent Waterproof Bonds

  • High Temperature & Weather Resistance

  • An exceptionally easy product to use

  • Almost Instant Repairs 

  • Extended Life of PVC & Inflatables products

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We also supply a range of Velcro Hook and Loop fasteners perfect for Marquee Repairs.


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