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What is the science behind Hot Melt Adhesives and how do they work?

Hot Melt Adhesives are solid when they are at normal temperatures, however they turn into liquid form when they are in the presence of much higher temperatures. After applying hot melt adhesive to a substrate, the liquid cools. As a result the liquid becomes solid providing an excellent durable bond.

Various applications require Hot Melt Adhesives such as the following:

Hot Melt Ireland, Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Sign & Display

  • Packaging

  • Labeling of Bottles

  • Manufacturing Blinds

  • Displaying Tiles

Action Adhesives Hot Melt Adhesives provide excellent features such as:

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  • They provide extended shelf life in most environments

  • Are exceptionally versatile can be used on several different types of substrates

  • Can be applied in a number of different ways

  • Provide excellent resistance to moisture

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Action Adhesives supply a wide range of different hot melt products such as the following:

  • Hot Glue Sticks – Our product range consists of hot melt glue sticks, used for various different applications such as packaging, wood applications, metal applications, and manufacturing cartons. We have various grades for such applications, and provide the excellent quality glue sticks in Ireland at a fantastic price. 

  • Hot Melt Granules – Commonly used for applications such as folding boxes, paper bags, developing cardboard boxes, deep freeze packaging and labels, Action Adhesives offers a fantastic range of hot melt granules.

    We have 4 different grades:

    H4001 , H4106  H2106 – Specifically formulated hot melt adhesives with low viscosity properties, they display excellent hot tack & adhesion qualities , and are aimed at multiple applications such as indirect food contact applications and bonding surfaces in blast and freezer carton applications.

     H4104 – A Hot Melt Adhesive used for stabilization of products such as cartons or sacks on a pallet.  The H4104 provides users a fantastic long open time, and ensures a degree of tack for pallet stabilization.

  • Glue Guns – We have a number of high quality glue guns here at Action Adhesives aimed at users of various types of trades & applications. 

     HMG50 – Suited for DIY and Hobby type applications, it can also be used for small scale packaging, and is  compatible with most standard types of gluesticks. 

    HMG 202 ECO – An Glue Gun aimed more at industrial users, this is one of our most popular guns, as its extremely versatile, and output allows for virtually continuous use.

    MS 200 –  Our elite industrial glue gun, MS 200 is a exceptionally versatile, and is compatible with forms of hot melt such as glue granules & pillows, glue sticks,& glue-slugs.

We also supply a range of other hot melt products here at Action Adhesives  such as:

  • Glue Slugs

  • Applicators

  • Slug Guns

  • Pillow Applicators

    Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to recommend an hot melt adhesive for your application. All Action Adhesives products have a detailed material safety datasheet to ensure operators use the correct the process.

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