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 “Fantastic Industrial Glues For Gluing Wood Applications By Action Adhesives”

When it comes to gluing wood, there is no other place to look but Action Adhesives, to get the solution for your application. We have a vast range of products of products perfect for gluing wood applications, and our technical team will happily advise you on a product perfect for your application.

Common gluing wood applications seen by our technical team:

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  • Timber Floors

  • Wooden Doors & Desks

  • Wooden Frames

  • Office Desks & Cabinets

  • Furniture Manufacturing

  • Chairs

  • Counters

What type of wood glues do Action Adhesives supply for gluing wood?

PVA Glue › Action Adhesives have a range of PVA glues, to overcome difficult gluing wood applications. Our category D3 PVA glue for example, is a popular adhesive, commonly used by industry professionals in the woodworking industry. It is used where the joint is exposed to temporary water contact or high humidity applications. Our PVA’s are commonly used for gluing wood applications such as:

  • Chipboards

  • Blockboards

  • Jointing

  • Furniture Manufacturing

  • Assembly

Hot Melt > Another popular adhesive for gluing wood is hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are adhesives that are solid at normal temperatures, that become liquid when in high temperature environments. After the liquid cools, when applied to some substrates, they quickly become solid, forming a strong durable bond. Our hot melt adhesives are commonly used on gluing wood applications such as:

Hot Glue Guns

  • Solid wood

  • Profile wrapping

  • Wood veneer

  • Attaching upholstery to wood

Epoxy Resin › Another common adhesives used to overcoming gluing wood applications are epoxy resin adhesives. As proud recognized partners of Permabond, we supply Permabond’s highly regarded epoxy resins. They are commonly used for gluing wood applications such as:


  • Strip Planking with dense timber

  • Laminating wood

  • Counter tops in kitchens

  • Bonding wood to stone materials


Silicone Sealant >  A flexible and waterproof substance, it acts very effectively where both substrates are non porous. Silicone Sealants are Neutral Cure Silicone Sealantcomposed of long polymer chains of curing agents, and after working with oxygen, forms a strand of long length after curing, that is subsequently resistant to UV radiation. Commonly used for wood applications such as:

  • Joints between wooden floors

  • Sealing laminating flooring

  • Walls, Windows & Door Frames

Solvent Free Polyurethane > We also supply solvent free polyurethane, that is commonly used for gluing wood applications. Solvent Free Polyurethane are moisture curing adhesives, that don’t require any mixing, relying on the application humidity of the environment to cure. Solvent Free Polyurethane are applied to just one surface and after curing, shows excellent water, high heat and chemical resistance. It is commonly used in gluing wood applications such as:

PVA Glue for Wood glue

  • Flooring

  • Construction of pre fab building

  • Laminating timber sheets

  • Bonding timber to several types of metal to wood

Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to recommend an adhesive for your application.

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