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“Are You Looking For An Adhesive That Works Well On Rubber Applications? Our Technical Team Discuss Your Options When It Comes To Gluing Rubber!”

A common question people ask our technical team here at Action Adhesives is, “What is the best glue for rubber”. As we say with most applications, the right choice of adhesive relies on a number of factors, and as rubber stretches, it is often difficult to access, what is the correct glue for the application.  Our team however, through years of experience can help get you the result your hoping for.

What are Action Adhesives recommended products for Gluing Rubber?

gluing rubber

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Single component moisture curing adhesives, they work by curing rapidly to form tough, durable, high performance bonds. They are an excellent option for gluing rubber, as the rapid bonding of parts, ensures efficient production levels and also accurate control of costs. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives curing process can also be accelerated further by using a spray activator.

Foam Tapes, Industrial Tapes, Double Sided Foam Tapes, gluing rubber

Foam Tapes – Foam Tapes operate as gaskets, that effectively act as a seal, preventing air, moisture, water, dirt, vapor, and sound infiltration. Foam Tapes are excellent for difficult applications to overcome, such as rubber foams. They are known for their excellent shelf life, suitability for all types of weather conditions, been very easy to use, also for been very economical.

Canister Spray Adhesive, Solvent Based Adhesive, gluing rubber

Canister Spray Adhesive-  A chlorinated solvent based adhesive, and is supplied in a portable canister and is also very easy to use. An exceptionally versatile adhesive, it can bond a wide range of substrates, including rubber , and is used in several industries. Its main features are its easy application, excellent coverage, and long open time.

Polyurethane Sealants, Sealants Ireland, Automotive adhesives, gluing rubberPolyurethane Sealant -Perfect for meeting the demands of industrial engineers, Polyurethane Sealants are know for its excellent stretch and resistance to water. Due to its excellent stretch qualities, excellent recovery, resistance to UV light and tear resistance, polyurethane sealants, are perfect for gluing rubber applications.

High Temperature Sealant, gluing rubber

Trim Spray Sealant – A multipurpose adhesive that is sprayable, its works well in high temperatures, and has fantastic grab properties. Known for its long open time, it works well on rubber, and applications that require long term bonds.

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