Gluing Glass

Our Team At Action Adhesives Discuss The Best Options For Gluing Glass!”

From bonding glass to front, side or rear of vehicles, to manufacturing water tanks, optical glasses or even window glass to a frame or structure, our team have advised and helped many get the right results.

They are many factors however that are important to consider when selecting an adhesive that is suitable for Gluing Glass such as:

  • Environmental Standards and workplace safety standards

  • Material and Manufacturing Costs

  • Technical and functional considerations regarding the joint

  • Stresses that may put the glass under pressure and must resist.

Action Adhesives Technical Team Recommended Adhesives for Gluing Glass!

UV Cure Adhesive, gluing glass

UV Cure Adhesive

Action Adhesives are Ireland’s leading suppliers of UV Cure adhesives. It is designed for Gluing Glass, specific plastics, and both rigid and flexible PVC’s. UV cure adhesive is excellent for Gluing Glass to Metal, and glass to glass, and is known to display excellent forming characteristics in forming exceptionally high strength bonds for load bearing joints. UV cure adhesive finds particular use in the assembly of glass furniture and display cases.

Polyurethane Sealant

UV cure Adhesive, General Manufacturing, adhesives cure faster, Sign and Display Adhesives, gluing glass

Polyurethane Sealants are also another excellent product for Gluing Glass. Polyurethane Silicone Sealants are known for its following characteristics:

  • Excellent recovery

  • Excellent resistance to UV light

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Excellent tear resistance

Polyurethane Sealants are often used in the repair or replacement of windows of a car, but are also used in the construction, transportation, marine, electronics and aerospace industries.

Silicone Sealant

Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant, gluing glass

Silicone Sealants are also another option for Gluing Glass. Action Adhesives silicone sealants are special type of field molded sealer that consists mainly of silicone. Silicone Sealants are effectively composed of long polymer chains of curing agents, that work after combining with oxygen, forming a long strand after the sealant cures. This in turn makes the sealant resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Silicone Sealants offers some of the following advantages:

  • Highly versatile and safe to use

  • No shrinkage

  • Fast curing

  • Long shelf life

Action Adhesives also supply Canister Spray Adhesive and HoneyComb Polyurethanethat are also suitable for gluing glass.

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