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“High Quality Industrial Gluesticks Available At Fantastic Prices”

Action Adhesives are Ireland’s leading supplier of hot melt gluesticks. Our hot melt gluesticks are known for both being fantastic on value and quality, and are also compatible with all of our hot melt glue guns. Action Adhesives gluesticks are widely used in the packaging industry, mainly as it sets quickly and makes very little mess, in comparison with other glues.

Hot Melt Gluesticks are used in the following applications:

  • Plastic

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  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Cartons

  • Ceramics

Action Adhesives hot melt glue-sticks are the preferred choice for packaging professionals as they offer:

  • Excellent Value

  • Are very easy to use

  • Are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications

  • Offers Superior Seal Quality ( Secures all types of flaps )

  • Ensures Packaging cannot be tampered,(hot melt gluesticks cannot be opened and then resealed)

To use hot melt gluesticks you must also have a hot melt glue gun. Hot melt glue-sticks are inserted into the hot melt glues gun in solid form, and if the glue stick is cooled to a temperature that’s lower than its melting point, the glue will then become solid, forming a strong bond, that is both durable and long lasting.

Action Adhesives hot melt glue-sticks range from packaging, general purpose and also assembly grades, that offer the very best performance at excellent value. We also offer discounts on bulk orders and also offer next day delivery.

Our team at Action Adhesives are more than happy to recommend an adhesive for your application.

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