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Action Adhesives technical team are commonly asked  “What are best glues for signs?”. Over the years we have our product range has continually expanded, and we now have the best range of  adhesive products for the sign industry in Ireland.

A common query to the team here at Action Adhesives regarding the sign industry, is bonding plastics. Bonding Plastics is an issue in the industry as people who work in the sign industry require clear joints that can be formed quickly.

What are Action Adhesives recommended glues for signs?

Epoxy Resin – An excellent glue for signs, it works excellently on plastics and metals. Epoxy Resin will adhere most dry and clean materials together, and is known work through equal amounts of hardener and resin being mixed together, in turn a hard material is formed.

UV Cure Adhesive, glues for signs

VHB Tapes Another popular product used for Signs is VHB Tapes. VHB Tapes is an exceptional product for outdoor applications, and extremely effective on plastic. VHB Tapes is supplied in a range of sizes and colours. VHB Tapes are unique in the bonds become stronger and stronger as time goes on. 


UV Cure Adhesive – Another excellent glue for Signs, UV Cure Adhesive work by being exposed to UV light, and as result cure in just a few seconds.


Solvent Free Polyurethane – Used by several professionals in the Sign Industry, Solvent Free Polyurethane 2 component Thixotropic Polyurethane is versatile for several applications in the Sign Industry.


UV Cure Adhesive, glues for signsStructural Acrylic Adhesives – Action Adhesives have a wide range of Structural Acrylic Adhesives commonly used for Sign applications. We have our range of Structural Acrylic Adhesives and also supply specifically designed adhesives for the Sign industry from leading manufacturer Permabond.  

Structural Acrylics offer users excellent durability and are known to resist peel, cleavage, and impact forces. Permabond’s Structural Acrylics are also effective in resisting stresses from differential thermal expansion in adhering dissimilar materials. Structural Acrylics Adhesives are very effective in consideration of chemical resistance, and are excellent in applications that involve exposure to materials such as oils, moisture, greases, and weathering.

We also supply 2 other Structural Acrylics Adhesives for Signs, the A4420 and TA4110. For full information please click the below link for more information.

A4420 TDS        <<<<<<<<< Click for Datasheet

TA4204 TDS      <<<<<<<<< Click for Datasheet

Weld Cements Lastly, Action Adhesives offer a comprehensive range of weld cements specifically formulated to bond acrylics to itself and other substrates, and is commonly used by professionals in the Sign industry.

WC102 Weld Cement TDS <<<<<<<< Click for Datasheet

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