Glues for Acrylics

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Action Adhesives have a wide range of glues for acrylics. Acrylic in many ways displays many of the same of same properties as glass, but is much stronger than glass in terms of resistance, despite weighing much less  than glass. Acrylic is also very durable, and is much more suited than most plastics to various types of weather, offering incredible resistance to harsh weather environments.

What are the different types of glues for acrylics Action Adhesives supply?

Glues for Acrylics

We have a range of glues for acrylics here at Action Adhesives, from clear acrylic applications to non clear applications, we have the answer to your acrylic application.

WC 102 – In terms of glues for acrylics, Action Adhesives WC 102 provides users the best results on the market. A clear cement specifically designed to bond acrylic to most acrylics, WC 102 displays excellent fast curing properties and also is a very low viscosity glue, perfect for clear and non clear acrylic applications.

Glues for Acrylics

TA 4204

View full datasheet >>>>>>> WC 102

WC 105 –  Another excellent glue for acrylic, Action Adhesives WC 105 Weld Cements is a clear, medium viscosity cement formulated to acrylic sheet and components. It is often used across a wide range of applications where they is a requirement for rapid bonding of acrylic and some other plastics. A slightly higher viscosity glue than WC 102 , it provides medium cure speed and allow users some flexibility in terms of re positioning.

View full datasheet >>>>>>> WC 105

TA 4204 – A 2 part, 1:1 toughened acrylic glue, it is used to bond materials such as plastics, metals, GRP, ceramics, wood and other various substrates. A particularly easy to use glue, it comes in a easy to dispense cartridge, or it can be used to bead on bead without a mixing nozzle.

View full datasheet >>>>>>> TA 4204

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TA 4205

TA 4205 – Again a 2 part, 1:1 toughened acrylic adhesive , it is used to bond a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, GRP, ceramics, wood and other substrates. A slower version of TA 4204,  it can be used with or without nozzle. It is known to display excellent impact strength & chemical resistance, while providing an excellent clear finish. It is also very convenient to use, as it designed in an easy to dispense cartridge.

View full datasheet >>>>>>> TA 4205

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