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We supply a range of the highest quality industrial glue guns in Ireland. Our German designed and manufactured glue guns are the best on the market, and can only be got  here at Action Adhesives. Our range of Glue Guns include both hot and low melt versions, and we also supply glue guns that accept granular hot melts. Our technical team will provide you with the assistance required, to find the right glue gun for your application.

Various Types Of Glue Guns Do Action Adhesives include the following:

The HMG50 is our hobby/DIY gun. The HMG50 is excellent where access is limited and large throughput is not a priority.Very suitable for Arts & Crafts as well as DIY applications, its also very effective in small scale packaging application. It is compatible with most 11.5mm/12mm gluesticks.

Hot Glue Guns

Our HMG202 ECO is a very effective industrial glue gun powered by a self-regulating PTC heater allowing for an impressive adhesive output of up to 1.8kg/hr. It is compatible with the majority of 11.5mm/12mm gluesticks.

Our final Glue Gun in our range is the MS200. This is a superb product that enables users get the benefits of a hand-held stick gun with those of larger granule melt units. A German manufactured product, its excellent for a wide range of applications and is often used with 12mm sticks, 43mm glueslugs, glue pillows & glue granules.

Hot Melt Glue Guns can be used for several applications such as:

hot melt glue gun, glue guns

  • Craft Projects

  • Construction & Manufacturing Applications

  • Packaging Applications

  • Woodworking Applications

  • DIY Projects

If you are interested in one of Action Adhesives glue guns, contact a member of our technical team today, who will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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